- Die Seekriege, Seeschlachten und Duelle auf See von 1775 bis 1815
Chronologie der europäischen Seekriege 1793 bis 1815, Band 1, bis 1802
Chronologie der europäischen Seekriege 1793 - 1815
Band 1 : Von 1793 bis zum Frieden von Amiens 1802

von Thomas Siebe
Sprache: Deutsch Broschiert - 224 Seiten - BoD
ISBN 978-3-8423-2883-9 Erschienen: September 2010
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Admiral Sir John Jervis Bericht von der Seeschlacht vor Kap St. Vincent

Aus der LONDON GAZETTE vom 3. März  1797


Victory, In Lagos Bay, February 16,  1797

S I R ,

The Hopes of falling in with the Spanish Fleet expressed in my Letter to you of the 13th Instant, were confirmed that Night, by our distinctly hearing the Report of their Signal Guns, and by Intelligence received from Captain Foote, of His Majesty`s Ship the Niger, who had, with equal Judgment and Perseverance, kept Company with them for several Days, on my prescribed Rendezvous (which, from the strong South-East Winds, I had never been able to reach) and that they were not more than the Distance of Three or Four Leagues from us. 

I anxiously awaited the Dawn of Day, when, being on the Starboard Tack, Cap St. Vincent bearing East by North Eight Leagues, I had the Satisfaction of seeing a Number of Ships extending from South-West to South. 

At Forty-nine Minutes past Ten, the Weather being extremly hazy, La Bonne Citoyen made the Signal that the Ships seen were of the Line, Twenty-five in Number. 

His Majesty´s Squadron under my Command, consisting of the Fifteen Ships of the Line named in the Margin, happily formed in the most compact Order of Sailing, in Two Lines. 

By carrying a Press of Sail I was fortunate in getting in with the Enemys Fleet at Half past Eleven o`Clock , before I had Time to connect, and form a regular Order of Battle. 

Such a Moment was not to be lost ; and confident in the Skill, Valour and Discipline of the Officers and Men I had the Happiness to command and judging that the Honor of His Majesty´s Arms and the Circumstances of the War in these Seas required a considerable Degree of Enterprize, I felt myself justified in departing from the regular System ; and passing through their Fleet, in a Line formed with the utmost Celerity, tacked, and thereby seperated Onethird from the main Body, after a partial Cannonade, which prevented their Rejunction till the Evening ; and by the very great Exertions of the Ships which had the good Fortune to arrive up with the Enemy on the Larboard Tack, the Ships named in the Margin were captured, and the Action ceased about Five o`Clock in the Evening. 

I enclose the most correct List I have been able to obtain of the Spanish Fleet opposed to me, amounting of Twenty-seven Sail of the Line, and Account of the Killed and Wounded in His Majesty´s Ships , as well as in those taken from the Enemy. 

The Moment the latter (almost totally dismasted) and His Majesty´s Ships the Captain and the Culloden are in a State to put to Sea I shall avail myself of the forst favourable Wind to proceed off Cape St. Vincent in my Way to Lisbon. 

Captain Calder, whose able Assistance has greatly contributed my command, ist the Bearer of this and will more particularly describe to the Lords Comissioners of the Admirality the Movements of the Squadron on the 14th, and the present State of it. 

I am, Sir , &c. J. JERVIS

Es folgt eine Liste der 27 spanischen Schiffe (Vergleiche hier) , die die NEPTUNO (80 - Goicocea) , die BAHAMA (74 - Konteradmiral de Nava) und die TERRIBLE (74 - Francisco Javier Uriarte) einschließt, die aber gar nicht vor Ort waren. 

Zwei Schiffe in der Liste bezeichnet Jervis als "Name unknown". Nicht erkannt hat Jervis in der Schlacht folglich das Flaggschiff von Vizeadmiral Morales de los Rios, die PURISIMA CONCEPTION (112) - sie ist nicht in der Liste aufgeführt. Auch den kleinen Zweidecker SANTO DOMINGO (64 - Manuel de Torres Valdivia) hat Jervis nicht gesehen und dafür einen 74er aufgeführt. An die Liste der spanischen Schiffe schließt sich eine Liste der englischen Schiffe mit der jeweiligen Zahl der Toten und Verwundeten an.

Es ist höchst bemerkenswert, das der Admiral ausser Kapitän Foote und Kapitän Calder die zentralen Figuren der Schlacht, nämlich besonders Nelson, aber auch Collingwood und Troubridge nicht erwähnt.

Die Seeschlacht vor Kap St. Vincent

Schlachten und Duelle
Personen und Biografien
Der ganze andere Plunder

Napoleons gefallenen Göttinnen

Napoleons gefallene Göttinnen
Die Geschichte der französischen MINERVE-Fregatten

von Thomas Siebe
Sprache: Deutsch Paperback - 349 Seiten - BoD
ISBN 978-3-8391-0218-3 Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2009
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